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Niche Bakers is a Canadian family owned business passionate about baking and providing our customers delicious, high quality desserts for all occasions, at an affordable price. At Niche, we use wholesome ingredients that you would have in your kitchen cupboards like real chocolate, butter, eggs , milk to create our cakes, squares, cookies and frozen pancakes. We use a combination of old fashioned baking techniques and industry leading innovation so we can be nimble and responsive to the evolving needs of our customers without compromising quality. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we love making them!
The Charlotte’s brand has a sweet history. It is named after the youngest daughter and grandmother of Niche Baker’s co-owner, an accomplished baker and entrepreneur for over 35 years. Charlotte’s brand originated 10 years ago when Niche Bakers was started and has become the signature brand for all of Niche Bakers’ delicious sweet delights including Cakes , Squares and Cookies which can be found in grocery retailer bakery sections throughout North America. Charlotte’s brand represents great quality products made from wholesome ingredients, offered at a good price making delightful dessert treats accessible to everyone.
In addition to Charlotte’s branded portfolio, Niche Bakers also works closely with customers to develop Private Label products with the same high quality , good value principles.